Loud Forest is a Pasadena-based band featuring the talented husband and wife team, Bernie and Rachel Chadwick. I shot this video with a Sony a6500 camera on a gimbal to give it a Steadicam-like feel. The recording was done in the studio while filming. We did about six takes that we cut together for the video. The song, “Out of my Head” is published under the AntiFragile label.




I’m Dreaming: Music Video

The Reindeer Tribe is a group of musicians that come together to make a Christmas Album every year. They bring excellent musicianship, quality vocals and recording as well as creative arrangements to the table every year, as they challenge themselves to arrange and record a whole album in a weekend once a year. I had the privilege of documenting the creation of one song for them this year.

You can listen to the whole album here:



While I was spending a day in Amsterdam, I was reminded of Joris Ivens, and a movie he made back in 1929 called “Rain,” an ode to the rainstorm in Amsterdam. It was one of the first poetic documentaries, and celebrated the harmony between humankind and nature. I decided to make my own ode to the rainstorm in Amsterdam. Note as well the appearance of the multitudes of cyclists, something that didn’t exist on this scale in 1929.



The Space Of Our Time is a feature length documentary about urban planning in America. It all started on a trip to Italy, where I noticed how easy it was to exist in community. The streets are walkable, everything in town is usually very close to everything else, and finding space for quality time with others was so easy. Meanwhile back in America we spend the cool of the evening, not strolling the streets of our towns watching the sunset, but upset and trapped in our cars. In the film, I uncover the history of American suburban development post World War II, the rise of car culture and suburban sprawl, and look for people who are looking to create a better urban environment for ourselves.




I had the privilege of spending a weekend in Big Bear with a bunch of pro boxers at their high altitude training camp. These are my two favorite pieces to come out of the experience. Gennady Golovkin is perhaps the best pound for pound fighter in boxing today and and incredibly disciplined worker. I spoke with him and his trainer about what it takes to be the best at what he does, and the boxers who spar and train along side him. Julius Jackson is a wonderful human being, a great fighter and known as “The Chef.” I spent an afternoon with him as he prepares a meal for his fellow boxers and talks about the unlikely link between what he’s learned in the kitchen and what he does in the ring.


Julius Jackson – The Undefeated Island Chef:


Gennady Golovkin Sparring Partners


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