A Lovey Review of How to Film Truth

Well my book is really out there! I’m starting to see reviews (gulp), which is both terrifying and thrilling!

This review comes from Markee Magazine, and I am absolutely thrilled they took the time to not only read it, but offer up their thoughts!

The reviewer here suggests that I make a distinction between the spiritual truth-telling genres I introduce in the book, and what he calls educational films. I completely agree, and I’ll be sure to make that distinction next time I write about documentary. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about the role of the essay in society, and there is a sense in which expository documentaries function as pubic essays, which can be very helpful and educational. There is a sense in which I wanted to highlight another aspect of documentary: documentary as artistic practice, something I’d been seeing over and over at film festivals, and find fascinating.

Thank you Markee Magazine for joining the conversation!

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