Johnathan Gold Dies at 57

Johnathan Gold, the emblematic food critic that fostered a deep and widespread love for the LA food scene, who almost singlehandedly transformed food criticism from that of a snobby profession focused on high end dining, to a democratization of food, celebrating diversity and context in Los Angeles eateries… died today of pancreatic cancer. 

At 57, we have lost him too soon, and I am deeply saddened by the news. For me he was engaged in highlighting and celebrating what makes LA so great: its diversity, the stories of its people, and the spirit of discovery and curiosity. I owe much of my LA experience to Johnathan’s guidance, and I will always cherish the documentary celebrating his life: City if Gold. 

God bless you Johnathan and may you Rest In Peace. 

From the LA Times article: 

“He wasn’t looking down his nose at the world, he was looking out from the table and trying to put restaurants, meals, and cuisines in context. Empathy, understanding, commensality: That’s what he brought to the game,” Meehan said. “Jonathan didn’t write restaurant reviews, he wrote about who we are and how we feed each other. He wasn’t just a better writer than the rest of us, he cared more, too.”