The Windrider Forum and Conversations about Filmmaking

One of the primary influences on my career path and my approach to film and filmmaking in general has been an annual event called The Windrider Forum that takes place at Sundance every year. Really what it does, is provide a space for people to think and talk about film in a deeper way, and providing a way for filmmakers to dialogue with film students, people of faith and educators who want to explore the spiritual dimension of the art form. I ran across this video, put out by Windrider from Destin Daniel Cretton, an independent filmmaker who himself was brought up through the Windrider program (he’d won a student film award and a trip to Sundance with them early on, and then went on to become a winner and subsequent staple at the festival itself).


This is just a beautiful little reflection on what it means to take on the task of being an artist.