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There’s a film coming to PBS that covers the trials and challenges of a woman who found herself dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome. Here’s a quote from the subject and director of the documentary, Jennifer Brea:


“From as early as I can remember, I wanted to swallow the world whole; I just thought I’d have more time… when medicine has no answers for you, where do you turn? ”


Often times extreme circumstances, difficult circumstances like this force us to confront realties that are true of all of us, like the fact that we are all limited on time, and the realities of sickness and death. How do we live meaningful lives in the midst of setbacks, hardships, unexpected trials and frustrations?


It’s films like these that so often give me pause. They allow me to step back and look a little at the big picture, to see how it is that she found hope in circumstances that I do not share. But even though we don’t share the same reality in kind, we fundamentally share the same reality in type, and this is a milieu in which we must wrestle with out existence. In essence, we all have an ongoing conversation with our creator about the meaning of our lives, and I am touched, inspired and moved by concrete, honest examples the give and take involved in this conversation.