A Post Oscars Post

I was very interested in the two documentary categories for the Oscars this year (shorts and features). I had two in particular I was rooting for, one of which won, the other of which I will continue to recommend to everyone I know.

First the good news: for short form documentary Period. End of Sentence won! I couldn’t be happier for the filmmakers, who we got a chance to meet and interview this year in Park City at the Windrider Forum. It’s on Netflix so you can go watch it right now!

It’s a beautiful example of how an enduring problem can be solved with creativity and ingenuity. It is about how a group of women’s activists in India were able to educate women about menstruation pads, and set them up with a machine and business model to manufacture and distribute them in an area that desperately needs education and access to feminine products.

For documentary feature, it was no secret (for those that follow my twitter account) that I was really hoping for Minding the Gap to win. But it was also not a surprise to see Free Solo take the Oscar. Minding the Gap was always a long shot, so I’m not disappointed, and Free Solo, as a study in human character, and as a technical achievement both from the subject and the filmmakers themselves is certainly deserving.

My Minding the Gap review can be found here, and a discussion of how it operates in confessional space is what my latest podcast episode is about. You will all be hearing my thoughts on Free Solo soon!